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The Central Branch is Hosting Symposium 2017.



SYMPOSIUM 2016! Welcome delegates! It is my pleasure to extend a welcome to all participants, presenters and invited guests to the 62nd Annual POAO Symposium in Sudbury, Ontario.  The theme of this year's Symposium is Community Corrections Innovations, Partnerships and Research in Your Own Back Yard.  For over 60 years POAO has played a leading role in guiding our profession as we progress and advance through the changing times, all the while assisting our clients to reconnect to their communities and reducing recidivism.  Through our years of dedication and efforts we have become the largest and most active association of its kind in Canada. Over the busy four days at Symposium we will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of workshops, educational sessions and discussions about the changing justice system and how we foster that change.  The North Branch and their Symposium Planning Committee have arranged an impressive variety of speakers to share their expertise in relation to innovations and trends in criminal justice; a little something for everyone!  The program includes but, is not limited to topics such as developing cultural awareness, increasing our knowledge of complex mental health issues, furthering our comprehension about cybercrimes and the trag...

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